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Kryo Glass Lamp Chiller

Kryo Glass Lamp Chiller

The Kryo glass lamp chiller is a proprietary acrylic cryogenic glass chiller using liquid CO2 to super chill glassware perfect for cocktail and/or beer glasses.  The glass lamp chiller can super freeze within seconds to achieve a frosty glass for your bartender to delived a chilled drink.  The dsign, using polished stainless steel tubing is easily mountable and can be installed within an hour.  The lamp chiller can be Activated effortlessly using a momentary push button that can be conveniently located near your bartender.  It requires 110 VAC and 20# liquid CO2 tank under the counter.

  • Cryogenic glass chiller using liquid co2
  • Polished stainless steel
  • Custom counter mount
  • Acrylic shroud for operator
  • Led light
  • Momentary push button


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