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Pioneer Alejandro Gonzalez is the mind behind the Kryo© Brand. If you have been searching for the perfect nightclub special effects, kryo bar accessories, kryo drink mixers, kryo culinary equipment or kryo guns for your bar, club, or event, you have come to the right place. For the past 10 years, Kryogenifex has been taking cryogenics from the lab to the entertainment and hospitality industry.The art of cryogenic, or liquid nitrogen special effects is an obscure one at best, so we’re here to help you better understand exactly what is involved in the use of cryogenic gasses and liquids, (aka liquid nitrogen, CO2, nitrogen gas etc.).

Club owners, Event Promoters and Production Managers, Bar owners, the world over, swear by the use of cryogenics to enhance their audience’s experience and to set themselves apart from the rapidly increasing competition.


Looking to install a Kryosystem in your venue?

We offer high quality services for all our clients in the entertainment industry.

These are some of the services we can offer for your business.


Concept Design

Kryogenifex is a full-service cryogenic special effects company providing a variety of services – nightclub design, cryogenic systems, bar accessories, drink mixer, culinary equipment and more – to clients in the hospitality & entertainment industry.


We custom design and install extreme cooling and fogging systems for entertainment venues and special events using liquid nitrogen – a completely odorless, tasteless and renewable natural resource.

Safety Training

Our systems are created to fit the venue with safety in mind. Our level of professionalism involves surveying, conceptualizing, designing, installing, testing and safety training sessions with all of our installations.


Our impeccable reputation with an emphasis on our proprietary equipment and systems that we create and test at our KoolHaus has allowed us to design, install and maintain Kryo® Systems for entities all around the world.

Our Clientele

Here are some of the clients we've had the privilege to work with.
  • cake
  • baru
  • hakkasan
  • drais
  • liv
  • spacemiami
  • marquee
  • pacha
  • hyde
  • beta
  • eleven
  • ex1

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