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For the past 20 years, Kryogenifex© has been doing just that - taking cryogenics from the lab to the entertainment and hospitality industries. Club & restaurant owners, event promoters and production managers the world over keep their operations fresh with Kryogenifex©. Together we build brands, create memorable environments, and most of all deliver unforgettable crowd impressions in an industry where rapid change and competition are the rule, not the exception.


Through the years, Kryogenifex® has paved the way for the atmospheric effects industry. Originally embarking with the nightclub industry in mind, CEO Alejandro Gonzalez has continued to push the KryoTeam forward through his creative and imaginative designs. Amongst these designs are signature company products such as the KryoGun®, KryoBar®, KryoJet®, KryoKabana®, and many more. After 20 years of progress, Kryogenifex® has never been more involved in revolutionary technology for not only the nightclub scene, but hospitality and culinary spaces.


Unique to the atmospheric effects industry, Kryogenifex© sets the bar ahead of the others in engineering, design, maintenance and customer support.

Designed to Function

Designed for function and appealing to the eye, we offer pragmatic ergonomic products and systems.


We fabricate our products from the highest quality materials using best practices to ensure dependable reliable delivered goods.


The KryoTeam is always ready for whatever project comes our way.  With experienced technicians, we provide skilled hands and direct contact to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience.

Customer Service

Kryogenifex offers reliable Customer Service with a response time unchallenged by others in the atmospheric effects industry.

We've worked with amazing companies




The progress of an organization is dictated by its position in an industry. Kryogenifex has always been creating and changing the rules, to deliver only the best for our customers.

Industry Footprint

Did you know that only 22% of the air you breathe contains oxygen, carbon dioxide and small traces of other gases? That means a whopping 78% of our atmosphere is nitrogen – a friendly inert gas as well as the secret ingredient to nearly all our cryogenic systems products. For the past 20 years, Kryogenifex© has been taking cryogenics from the lab to the people. The art of cryogenic, or liquid nitrogen special effects, is an obscure one at best. Our specialists are here to help you better understand exactly what is involved in the use of cryogenic gasses and liquids, (aka liquid nitrogen, CO2, nitrogen gas etc.) and most importantly help create a vision that works for your specific venue. Find out more about the unique ways to use our products and systems.

Innovating products for the future

Kryogenifex© creates products from the future, using all aspects of the cryogenic spectrum to deliver the best experience in any setting.  Whether it’s entertaining the masses at your nightclub event or crafting the perfect culinary application, Kryo© has always got you covered.



Creating atmospheric systems for over 20 years. Come with us to the next dimension.

Rapid Deployment

Custom products : Designed to prototype and final product

Niche Market

You know you’re in a niche market when you’ve created it. Kryogenifex stands alone.