Kryo CO2 Jet


The CO2 Jet is a catalyst to any space that has movement and an up-beat environment. Mounted using a “C” clamp option, the CO2 Jet can be placed anywhere needed to ensure the effect is in full function for the environment at hand. The blue anodized aluminum design has a sleek look that is accompanied with an optional illuminator attachment. The CO2 Jet is guaranteed to encourage a great experience in any space

Kryo LED Gun


In an environment of large groups the Kryo LED Gun is the best to manipulate the whole crowd. With a 22 inch nozzle, this gun allows the user to dazzle the crowd with impressive emissions. The light weight and durability of this gun allows one to direct the effect in any direction while the user can move as well. From stages to pool parties, and clubs to festivals, the Kryo LED Gun illuminates every experience.
• Industrial strength plastic casing
• Lightweight
• Sleek, polished finish
• Extra long nozzle provides larger effect
• Kryo led attachment provides for a futuristic look and finish

Kryo Turret


The Kryogenifex KRyoGunS is a mini system which is mainly used for quick and easy setup at any location. Designed for cursory installments aat bars and drinking establishments for the release of Kryo for the cooling of your patrons.
• One 50 pound siphon tube
• One liquid hose
• One kryogun

Kryo Glass Lamp Chiller


The Kryo glass lamp chiller is a proprietary acrylic cryogenic glass chiller using liquid CO2 to super chill glassware perfect for cocktail and/or beer glasses. The glass lamp chiller can super freeze within seconds to achieve a frosty glass for your bartender to delived a chilled drink. The dsign, using polished stainless steel tubing is easily mountable and can be installed within an hour. The lamp chiller can be Activated effortlessly using a momentary push button that can be conveniently located near your bartender. It requires 110 VAC and 20# liquid CO2 tank under the counter.

Cryogenic glass chiller using liquid co2
Polished stainless steel
Custom counter mount
Acrylic shroud for operator
Led light
Momentary push button

Kryo Tube


The Kyro Tube is made specifically to contain liquid nitrogen.  The treated glass makes for easy usage at bars and restaurants for your cryo cooling needs.  Though the tube is tailor made for cryo inspired cuisine, it is a versatile item usable for various kitchen functions. You could use it to contain virtually any liquid and it can complement your collection of kitchen accessories.
• 3 liter double walled glass tube
• Stainless steel base

Kryo Glass Chiller


Every glass is better chilled. Our Kryo Glass Chiller allows that process to happen in seconds. Mounted on top or flush with a counter, the Kryo Glass Chiller gives a show and a froster glass after. The LED mounted on the interior give the effect a color once set off. After the glass is frosted it is ready for pour and served. There is no need to keep a freezer full of glasses anymore

Kryo VJ Mixer


Our vacuum jacketed Kryo VJ Mixer Attachment is our most ergonomic attachment to date with a push button and optional programmable controls. This Mixer Attachment makes using cryogenics in the culinary arts a unique process. There is no hassle with condensation or ice build up while creating delights such as ice cream or gelatos. The modular design allows for quick connect and disconnect for setup or cleaning. The Kryo VJ Mixer Attachment is available for rentals or permanent brick and mortar locations.

Standard Kryo Gun