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What We do

Kryogenifex® is a full-service cryogenic special effects company for the hospitality and entertainment industries. We offer end-to-end on-site event experiences as well as game-changing commercial and consumer products.

Whether impressing your friends at home or your patrons at the bar, our unique atmospheric effects and flash-freezing kitchen and cocktail systems make for memorable, branded experiences.


From our patented Kryo® systems to exciting on-premise activations and mystifying installs like our self-cooling outdoor cabanas to products that can chill your glassware in seconds or whip-up edible nitrogen delicacies, Kryogenifex® ensures next-level entertainment value and hosting solutions to effectively manage your cool.

No experience necessary.

The Kryo® Difference

Simple: Kryogenifex® prides itself in designing and manufacturing out-of-thebox, push-button, easy to operate products and systems.

Immediate: Kryogenifex® presents lightning fast solutions to alleviate every-day inconveniences.

Inspiring: Kryogenifex® is incontestably changing the way people invite science into their everyday lives.

Recognizable: Kryogenifex® aims to become the top-of-mind, household brand name synonymous with instant-cooling power.


  • Eye-catching Design

    Kryogenifex® offers fashionably ergonomic products and systems that work without hassle.

  • Fabrication

    We manufacture our products from the highest quality materials, using industry’s best practices to ensure the most dependable goods and services are delivered.

  • Kryo-Techs

    The KryoTeam is always ready for whatever project comes its way. Our expert technicians lend a skilled hand and provide direct contact to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience.

  • Customer Service

    Kryogenifex® offers reliable customer service with a response time unchallenged by others in the atmospheric effects industry.

Industry Footprint

Did you know that only 22% of the air you breathe contains oxygen, carbon dioxide and small traces of other gases? That means a whopping 78% of our atmosphere is nitrogen – a friendly inert gas as well as the secret ingredient to nearly all our cryogenic systems products.


Innovating products for the future

Kryogenifex® creates products from the future, using all aspects of the cryogenic spectrum to deliver the best experience in any setting. Whether it’s entertaining the masses at your nightclub event or crafting the perfect culinary application, Kryo© has always got you covered.



  • Efficacy

    Our proprietary Zero-to-SubZero technology delivers powerfully cold results in a flash

  • Innovation

    Kryogenifex® has remained at the forefront of next-generation cooling technology for the past 15 years

  • Sophistication

    Sleek and elegant, contemporary design and presentation

  • Recognition

    Dazzle and delight. Whether impressing your friends at home or patrons at the bar, our unique products make for memorable, branded experiences

The King of Kryo The Principle

"Wherever the temperature gets a little too high, we’re in business. It’s time for the microwave and all its stuffy relatives to meet an irreverently cold family of polarizing products."

Alejandro Gonzalez | Kryogenifex Founder and CEO

Featured Product

KryoBot Standard Kryo® Gun


The KryoLab®

Curiosity leads to innovation. And we're big on both.

Now open in Miami’s burgeoning Wynwood district, the KryoLab® is our haven for all top-secret designing, planning, and prototyping as well as myriad of curations.  This is where we explore, educate, discover and celebrate with like-minded community. Be on the lookout for our new Kryo® Showroom, soon to open next door.

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