King of Kryo Products

Kryogenifex® prides itself in designing and manufacturing out-of-thebox, push-button, easy to operate products and systems.

+ Crafted with Care in the U.S.A
+ Thoughtfully Space-efficient Approach
+ Engineered for Easy Assembly/Installation
+ Innovative Contemporary Design
+ Unique Ease-of-Use
+ Quick Clean-up
+ Designed to Complement Your Environment
+ Durable Industrial-grade Materials
Kryosystem Standard Kryo® Gun

KryoBot Standard Kryo® Gun

Regular price $500.00

Kryo® CO2 Jet


Regular price $1,250.00

Kryo® LED Gun

Kryo® LED Gun

Regular price $1,000.00

Kryo® Glass Chiller

KryoKitchen™ Glass Chiller

Regular price $1,250.00

Kryo® Tube

KryoKitchen™ KryoTube

Regular price $850.00

Kryobot Snapback Hat

Kryobot Snapback Hat

Regular price $32.00

Kryo® 10 Liter Dewar

KryoKitchen™ 10 Liter Dewar

Regular price $525.00

Kryo® 25 Liter Dewar

KryoKitchen™ 25 Liter Dewar

Regular price $875.00