KryoKitchen™ KryoTube

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The KryoKitchen™ KryoTube takes form in a doubled-walled, specially treated glass cylinder designed for the containment of liquid nitrogen and its various no-nonsense chilling effects. Its astonishing durability, ease-of-use and stand-out design are just a few reasons it's gaining popularity beyond cryo-inspired restaurants and bars. As versatile as its countless kitchen functions, the KryoTube may serve to contain virtually any liquid while elegantly complementing your collection of kitchen accessories.

A clever two-layer construct prevents condensation from forming on its outer glass exterior. A stainless steel base provides safe and secure stability. Elegant crystal-clear glass affords an unobstructed view of its boiling contents, and control switches located on the tube's base allow for the manipulation of its accent lighting colors. 

• 3 liter Double-walled Glass Tube.

• Stainless Steel Base.